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Steel Range Tiny Home

Steel Range is a modern loft cabin designed by owners Beth Amann and Joe Wagner and built in 2018. Inspired by the minimalism of Japanese Muji Hut, Beth and Joe designed the cabin as a means of escape from the hustle and bustle of their California city life; a space for slow summers, where you could open all the windows and feel as though you were living outdoors but with the comforting luxuries of high speed internet and jacuzzi tub. The weathered steel exterior and simple boxed form adds a touch of brutalist architecture to the Wyoming wilderness, while the warm pine interior complements the 360-degree views of rolling sage brush hills and snow-capped mountain ranges.

Boasting a grand total of 468 square feet, the space is made up of a lower floor with living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and a lofted bedroom, accessed by ladder.

Services: Site Planning, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Rental Property Management.

NOW OPEN! You can stay at this beautiful cabin during the months of June through October. Book your stay at


About an hour's drive south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, sits a 2.5 acre plot of land. The home of Steel Range. Purchased in 2014, the land bore nothing but a blanket of dense sagebrush, it's tight-twisting roots buried deep in the dry red clay. Our vision for the blank slate was an escape to the edge of civilization. This materialized into a studio cabin inspired by the minimalist design of the Japanese Muji Hut.

The Neighborhood

The Green River snakes around to the north of the property while the Wind River and Wyoming mountain ranges flank the east and west, respectively. The area is no stranger to roaming wildlife. Steel Range sits along the Pronghorn Wildlife Corridor, the nation's first federally designated migration path that runs between the Grand Teton National Park and Pinedale.

Why is is called Steel Range?

The exterior structure is clad in weathering steel, unfinished to allow for natural rusting over time. Summer showers spray varying arrays of orange-red-brown, and leave behind the lingering smell of an oncoming nose bleed. The thin steel sheets flatten and bend through the heat of the day. In the city, we ask Alexa what the temperature is outside, at Steel Range we listen for the pop and groan that says, "the sun is out, it's pleasantly warm today."

Delight in the Details

We were lucky to find an incredible contractor to build Steel Range. Tim Vrska of Cora, Wyoming, transformed our vision into everything we dreamed and more. He helped shape the layout of the house and swiftly handled construction snags as they arose. His craftsmanship shines in every careful detail.


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