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Discover the Forest

A campaign by the U.S. Forest Service and Ad Council that encourages 8- to 12-year-olds and their parents to to get outside and connect with nature near them. I worked with the Ad Council team to design a variety of content for social media, as well as real-life activations like the Discover the Forest Geocaching Trackable.

Services: Graphic design, photography, animation.

Geocaching Trackable Campaign: I designed the official Discover the Forest keychains for the U.S. Forest Service, then the teams at Ad Council and Geocaching partnered up to produce 1,500 of these "trackables" and send them out to be cached away in forests all across America! You can find one of these keychains near you, but the trick is not to keep it, but to MOVE it from one geocache to the next to see how far you can get it to travel. Use the Discover the Forest Trackable Finder tool to find a keychain cached away near you. The keychains have traveled over 5 MILLION miles to over 52 countries!

Discovering the Oakland Redwoods: Photoshoot featuring 3rd graders from Oakland, CA. Photography by Beth, coordination by Caroline Miazgowicz, production assistants Sam Cantrell & Alex Boyder.

Postcards from the Forest: A series of graphics designed to inspire trips to your local forest, no matter what season it is!


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