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A modern loft studio that brings a touch of brutalist architecture to the Wyoming wilderness. Inspired by the minimalism of the Japanese Muji Hut, Beth & Joe designed this cabin as a means of escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Corner of Chief Joseph & Pontiac

About an hour's drive south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, sits a 2.5 acre plot of land. The home of Steel Range. Purchased in 2014, the land bore nothing but a blanket of dense sagebrush, it's tight-twisting roots buried deep in the dry red clay. Our vision for the blank slate was an escape to the edge of civilization. This materialized into a studio cabin inspired by the minimalist design of the Japanese Muji Hut.

The Neighborhood

The Green River snakes around to the north of the property while the Wind River and Wyoming mountain ranges flank the east and west, respectively. The area is no stranger to roaming wildlife. Steel Range sits along the Pronghorn Wildlife Corridor, the nation's first federally designated migration path that runs between the Grand Teton National Park and Pinedale.

Local Wildlife

Along with pronghorn, sage grouse can be found scavenging on the property.

Why is it called Steel Range?

The exterior structure is clad in weathering steel, unfinished to allow for natural rusting over time. Summer showers spray varying arrays of orange-red-brown, and leave behind the lingering smell of an oncoming nose bleed. The thin steel sheets flatten and bend through the heat of the day. In the city, we ask Alexa what the temperature is outside, at Steel Range we listen for the pop and groan that says, "the sun is out, it's pleasantly warm today."


Protect the Forest

These posters were destined for Steel Range before we had the slightest inkling of what kind of structure we were going to design. Their message laid the foundation for our purpose out in the Wyoming wilderness, "Defend Our Frontier. Protect The Forest. Experience The Wild."

Interior Design

The interior boasts a cozy 360 square feet on the ground floor and a 108-square foot bedroom loft. To minimize clutter and maximize the visual sight lines, we maintained a simple and light materials palette and added just about as many windows as we could fit into the walls.

Delight in the Details

We were lucky to find an incredible contractor to build Steel Range. Tim Vrska of Cora, Wyoming, transformed our vision into everything we dreamed and more. He helped shape the layout of the house and swiftly handled construction snags as they arose. His craftsmanship shines in every careful detail.

Creature Comforts

While we love experiencing the wild Wyoming outdoors, we also love coming home to our full-size jacuzzi tub.

Lofted Bedroom

A custom-built ladder takes you to the upper floor sleeping area. The loft window frames a spectacular view of the sunrise over the Wind River Range.

A Welcome Retreat

We are delighted that our dream of designing and building a tiny home has been realized. And we are even more excited to share it with others. Steel Range will be available to rent out starting in Spring 2020 so you, too, can enjoy a blissful Wyoming retreat.

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