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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Last year I had the super cool opportunity to design these Discover the Forest keychains for the U.S. Forest service. Then the rad teams at Ad Council and Geocaching partnered up to make 1,500 of these keychains and send them out to be cached away in forests all across America! Joe and I set off on a rainy day adventure to track down one of these little treasures...

We used the Discover the Forest Trackable-Finder tool and found a cache along a mountain trail near Saratoga, a short half-hour drive from the Be This San Jose studio. And away we went!

There's nothing quite like the thrill of opening a cache to see what's inside. We found this ammo canister tucked behind a mossy tree, about 15 yards off the Peters Creek trail. The cache hadn't been visited since September, so I had to fight a few creepy crawly bugs while extracting and opening it 😫

But finding the Discover the Forest trackable inside made the terrifying ordeal worth it! 👍

I nabbed the Discover the Forest trackable from the cache and left behind this neat pin I picked up at Adobe MAX 2018. It's been a good reminder to me over the past few months to Make Like It Matters, and strive to bring as much positive creative energy into this world as I possibly can ✨ Now it's time to unleash that powerful message onto the next geocacher who comes upon it!

I logged my visit in the cache's guestbook, and we were on our way to find a new home for this trackable.

This was my first time seeing the finished design in person, and IMO it is sooooooooo pretty. Like, really, REALLY shiny ✨ The colors turned out so vibrant! Then I realized that Joe conveniently color coordinated for the caching occasion and it was nearly too much for me to handle. 🤣

Here it is - The official Discover the Forest Geocaching Trackable! Designed in partnership with Ad Council and the US Forest Service. The Discover the Forest campaign is all about encouraging 8- to 12-year-old kids to get outside and explore their local forests, so we knew this keychain had to look FUN. From the BOLD LINES of the blue sky, to the Geocaching logos hidden in the pine trees, this keychain will surely take you on an ADVENTURE!

The best part about these keychains is that you can find one near you! For real. There are over a thousand of these babies hidden away in forest caches all over America. But the trick is, you don't keep it, you MOVE it! The point of the trackable is to find it in one cache, and take it to another cache, and see how far you can get it to travel. You can check out this Discover the Forest Trackable page to see where the trackables are, and how far they have traveled (over 1 MILLION MILES so far!!)

I flew to my hometown of San Diego in February, and brought along the trackable so that I could cache it somewhere near the neighborhood where I grew up. I found the perfect cache along a trail near Emerald Hills Park. Joe used to come here as a kid with his uncle and cousin to catch crawdads in the creek. I visited after San Diego was hit with a slew of storms, so the creek was flooded in some areas.This trail is technically in the Chollas Nature preserve, so plenty of cacti along the trail (be mindful where you step!)

The recent rains made this cache a tricky one to find. Fortunately, my dad was there to help me grab it! Unfortunately, it was super waterlogged! We drained the water, fixed the lid so it'd close properly, and were pleased to find that the BEBE and the Discover the Forest trackable fit inside perfectly.

I made this BEBE using scrap card stock leftover from Adobe MAX 2018. She's just been sitting around the studio, so I decided it was time to send her out into the world. I left BEBE and this Discover the Forest trackable in the Roar of 94 geocache near Emerald Hills Park in San Diego. Now GO FIND IT. Start by searching at

I can't wait to find and cache the next trackable! If you go out and find one yourself, tag it on Instagram with #DiscovertheForest so I can follow along on your adventure! :)

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